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We are one of the best Election management agencies in UP which boosts up your Online Reputation via the target society (Voters). We have professional & skilled staff with more than 10 years of experience in supporting e-campaign support. We helped many nationwide & state-level leaders to express their memos in society through political e-campaigning endorsement.

Why do we have to need social media in politics?

Online political e-campaign is a fragile procedure that involves regular examination & instant execution. Time is very imperative in a political e-campaign as the right memo at the correct time should reach people so that it might help in improving the followers and reaching targeted spectators in a limited time. Developing the optimistic image and ensuring that it reaches each and every person in the electorate.

What do we Do?

  •   Building the individuality of the candidate.
  •   Reputation management of candidates at the entity level.
  •   Grow follower base.
  •   News and feed managing.
  •   Collection of data on a normal basis by field manager.
  •   Improvement of the work done by the customer.
  •   Stand on social and supporting evils.
  •   Polls, surveys, Feedback.
  •   Personalized app with incorporated social platforms so there can be direct communication.
  •   Maintaining public relations with the client.

Your election managing service campaign for the Lok Sabha elections can be started with us today. If you are looking for good Election Rally Management in UP, then you are at the right place. We know that the Lok-Sabha election stage is going to start shortly and before that all political parties and leaders are going to begin their election campaign. So, you can start your election management service campaign without wasting all your time. Metropolis media is the Top Leading Election managing Company and also provides many election management services.


Election Rally Management In UP

Every innovation and ideas for any campaign or rally need proper management and functioning. Each successful event needs the experience and creative mindset’s working on it, showcasing the talent.

Election Rally Management In UP has various creative ideas to provide for rallies. These methods are all well organized and value-based; management is always flawless and has various ways to leave an impression of the candidate in people’s minds.

The services provided for Election Rally Management In UP are enlisted as:

  1. LED MOBILE VAN: A customized fabricated van, branding the candidate. LED screens for pictures and videos can be used as a message for the audience.
  2. HOARDINGS AND BANNERS: Hoardings and banners are designed according to the need of the candidate, printing them and displays are done under the surveillance of our team.
  3. STICKERS, PAMPHLETS, RIBBONS, AND FLAGS: All these services and their process are handled by our team from designing and printing to distribution.
  4. WALL PRINTING: Getting permission to use the wall for painting, designing, and getting a painter to design the illustration, everything is handled by our team.
  5. DOOR TO DOOR CAMPAIGN, SURVEY, AND ANALYSIS: All these processes are managed well with the help of Election Rally Management In UP.

All these processes are handled with utmost priority and handled with diligence. The preparation for every event needs a well-managed time frame and a proper coordinating system. The whole team here defends the individuality of the projects while managing their assigned tasks.

The progressive, innovative and systematic behavior of Election Rally Management In UP defines the reasonability for successive nature of election campaigns, rallies, and events. The combination of innovation and experience in our team shows gives the best results out of every project.

We have always created history by giving the society highest level of innovative ideas and techniques.