Licensing & Permission

Organizing a road show is as difficult as climbing the Mount Everest and that becomes even more difficult when necessary permissions and grants have to be taken to conduct them. India is a country that requires numerous licensing and permission for road show. Not just that, for any form of advertising too licensing and permission for advertisements is a must.

Hence before organizing event of any kind, ensure that you have procured the necessary licenses and permissions because the authorities are only waiting around to pounce at you for your single mistake. Most people are not aware of various licensing and permission for advertising hence it will be better if we first understand what all does advertising include.

Advertising per se is nothing but the promotion of a product, service or these days a concept. The very premise of advertising is based on the fact that the intentions of making people use the product or service comes true. There are many innovative forms of advertising chief amongst them being:

1) Billboards
2) Road shows
3) Mall kiosks and events
4) Outdoor advertising
5) Talk shows
6) Indirect promotion by sponsoring any popular event

Since we have a vague idea about what comes under the umbrella of advertising it will be best if we understood what are the requirements for licensing and permission for road show or licensing and permission for advertising.

1) PPL(Phonographic Performance Ltd) License – This is a license required for playing music or registering for a public performance for an event sponsored by your company.

2) Loudspeaker license – for organizing an event like a road show, loudspeaker license is the most important licensing and permission for road show in India.

3) Premises license – If you have decided to advertised your service or product by organizing a musical event or a road show then premise license is a must include for all the licensing and permission for advertising.

4) Fire Brigade NOC – Very important that the premises of the event are carefully scrutinized for any mishaps that can happen if high electronic gadgets are put to use. This is one of the very important licensing and permission for a road show especially because road shows involve movement along the designated area.

5) NOC from Police – If you keep the cops happy, it is assured that half the battle is won. Getting this licensing and permission for advertising is a must considering how Police dissatisfaction can ruin your event.

6) Commercial tax license – This is an important licensing and permission for advertising. If you happen to sponsor a musical event, then this tax is calculated based on the number of tickets sold. This percentage varies from State to State. When you take this license you are designated t pay the commercial or entertainment tax.

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