Election Advertising printing in UP

What is an election without a campaign and what is a political figure if they do not have banners. Any election, whether it is district level, inter-state level or on national level every election needs promotional events, advertisements and campaigns.

The designs used by the Election Advertising printing in UP are totally customized according to the need of the candidate. The fabric and other materials used in making these banners is all quality based with synchronized color bindings.

Every advertising company of Election Advertising printing in UP works up on how to popularize the candidate’s ideas and their promises and gain public attention and satisfaction. There are more additional services which can be included in campaign to make it more attracting and remembering.

Additional services provided by Metropolis Media are:

  1. LED mobile Van is properly customized with branding of the candidate, playing the pictures and video records of them to get more people’s attraction.
  2. Hoarding and Banners are designed, printed and displayed by the team in accordance of the candidate, all planned and executed perfectly.
  3. Stickers, pamphlets, ribbons and flags are major part of campaigns and are totally organized by the team from designing them to bulk printing and distributing.
  4. Wall printing, from getting the permission to arranging the materials needed, everything is handled by us.
  5. Manpower needs from getting drivers for the van to having a promoter by your side, we arrange everything for you.
  6. Door to door promotions, surveys and analysis are handled professionally; we do it everything for you.
  7. Bulk SMS, E-mails, and Whatsapp messages are designed and floated in various social media sites for better attraction.

Election Advertising printing in UP is well versed over what type of designs and color synchronization should be used in banners and hording. There are many types of other forms of customized promotional events and campaigns available here and are very helpful in gaining people’s attention.

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