Covid Testing Mobile van in Punjab

Covid Testing Mobile Van in Delhi

Want to organize a road show or to start a campaign even in this epidemic? But the circumstances are not right, we got your problem and are ready to solve it with our COVID testing Mobile Van in Delhi.

Going out for testing and the results are quite hectic for average people and wanting to join the campaign is another. But have you ever thought about doing them together?

Providing the facility of COVID testing Mobile Van In Delhi, Metropolis Media Pvt. Ltd. has become one of the very first companies to come forward and help in this epidemic. Delhi being the most crowded city in India, need more people to care for it.

Campaigning was never this easy and especially in epidemic. The vans can go around the streets to collect the samples and people don’t even need to leave their houses for testing.

Metropolis Media Pvt. Ltd. has volunteered to provide with the best equipments they can provide for campaigns. It is to say that every problem has a solution and we are giving you a solution by providing you with Covid testing Mobile Van in Delhi for the road show.

Going with road show doesn’t mean we will gather crowds and put the safety of people aside, we will maintain all necessary things provided by health department.

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