MLA Advertisement Company in Punjab

Everything needs acknowledgment of people to gain its reputation and favor, and so as selection and candidates. Our event managing company provides all services related to advertisements of MLA’s.

MLA Advertisement Company in Punjab plays a very crucial role in providing all the needed services for advertisement in time of election and claims their mark as the best advertisement company in the city.

The services provided by the company mostly depend upon the person and their needs and arrangements. Some extracurricular efforts we make to provide for the candidate are all according to their needs.

The services we provide as MLA Advertisement Company in Punjab are:

  • LED MOBILE VAN: A customized fabricated van, branding the candidate. LED screens for pictures and videos can be used as a message for the audience.
  • HOARDINGS AND BANNERS: Hoardings and banners are designed according to the need of the candidate, printing them and displays are done under the surveillance of our team.
  • STICKERS, PAMPHLETS, RIBBONS, AND FLAGS: All these services and their process are handled by our team from designing and printing to distribution.
  • WALL PRINTING: Getting permission to use the wall for painting, designing, and getting a painter to design the illustration, everything is handled by our team.
  • DOOR TO DOOR CAMPAIGN, SURVEY, AND ANALYSIS: All these processes are managed well with the help of the MLA Advertisement Company in Punjab.


The best ideas do not always come with young peoples and experience is not always about perfection with this mindset company moves forward and take every step for claiming the victory. We here in METROPOLIS MEDIA are always ready to take challenges and are prepared with the best of our services.

We do everything possible to make our campaign successful and are ready with our whole team.

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